Baby Louis Arrives

I just wanted to tell you that we had a healthy baby boy last Monday. He was 2 weeks early but completely healthy and doing great. He wasn't too big either, like I was worried about. He was 6 pounds 12 ounces and 20" long. His name is Louis. He is doing great, nursing well, mostly a happy baby, and absolutely adorable.

You asked us to share our birth story so here goes...

On Saturday, I lost my mucus plug. So Monday before heading to the gym, I called Linda to make sure it was okay to work out, she said it was. After about 10 minutes into my workout I felt a pop and a small amount of fluid! So we decided to stop the work out and I headed home. I was convinced that it was not yet my birthing time because I wasn't ready. I still had tons of stuff to get ready for him and Daddy was in the DC area working, so I chilled on the couch hoping the waves would stop. But they never did. My water broke at the gym around 11:30am and I left to go the birth center around 6pm. My Hypnobabies training was very helpful, I'm not sure I used it exactly as intended, but it definitely helped me relax through the waves. My doula drove me to the birth center. I was an 8 when I arrived and immediately got into the tub where I stayed until he was born a few minutes after 9pm. I'm not entirely certain, since time is fuzzy but I think I pushed for about an hour. Everything went well. No problems, very little bleeding, just a tiny tear. All in all I could not have asked for a better birthing time, except for maybe having my partner there. Since I was in denial about my birthing time, he did not leave in time to make it. He drove all night and arrived around 4 am, by which time Louis and I were both curled up happily in bed at home.

 So that's the story, I think your class was very helpful. I appreciate all the information and personal experiences that you shared with us.