Robin's Birth

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful classes and share with you my birth story!

When I was about 34-35 Weeks pregnant Michael got called out to Wyoming to work a job that wasn't suppose to end until December 2nd.

I went to bed Thursday October 20th feeling completely normal after having dinner with my parents. I was going to be 39 weeks that friday but I hadn't let Elizabeth check me for dilation because I was going off of the "purple line theory" and I had gone to bed that night believing I was probably a 5 or 6, but still not feeling anything. Anyways, I woke up at 1am feeling like I was having a bad period and needed to go to the bathroom, yet I knew something was different because my legs wouldn't stop shaking. I texted Michael and said "I don't feel good but idk if I'm in labor, I'll call you shortly if I think you need to get a flight home...btw I think I hear coyotes outside." (its 11pm where he's at). At this point I cant go back to bed, so I make my way downstairs and call my mom. I told her to come over, that I wasn't feeling well, and next I called Katelyn [midwifery student] (who seemed oddly chipper and awake for the hour!). She asked if she needed to head over and I said not yet but she told me to call and inform Elizabeth [midwife], which I did. My mom showed up around 2, and told me to call Katelyn back and get her over there, so I did. While Katelyn was on her way, I called Michael and had my mom talk to him because it was getting pretty difficult at that point. While she was on the phone with Michael, helping him figure out a flight and route home, I puked..lost my plug...and my water broke. At this point Katelyn showed up and my doula Addie was on her way. Katelyn and my mother started working on the birth pool as I stayed in the bathroom. As soon as Addie showed up, I moved back to the living room and started my Hypnobabies track. But I immediately felt like I needed to push. Katelyn was setting everything up and talking to Elizabeth telling her to hurry as I continued to push. Next someone called Ashlie, my birth photographer. Once Elizabeth got there the birth pool was ready but too hot so I continued to push as everyone dumped cold water and ice in the pool until I could finally get in. Once I was in, Ashlie showed up and the baby's head was close to coming out. Hypnobabies was playing in the background and I was getting great rest and relaxation in between pushes. Michael called while going through the airport security line to check in on things and give me well wishes. Right after hanging up, the baby was born! ITS A BOY, Sawyer Glenn Bates at 7:36 am. My mom quickly called Michael and he had just boarded the plane and was thrilled to hear his baby cry but didn't want to know the gender! Although his first words were "that sounds like a baby Sawyer cry!" (he had a feeling it was a boy the whole time) Sawyer weighed 7lbs 10oz and was 21inches long. Michael arrived in Greenville at 1:30 and my brother picked him up, he was so excited he seriously considered leaving his checked bag because he didn't want to wait on it! He got to spend a week with us before heading back, during that week I was on bedrest due to a small tear, so Michael did EVERYTHING. He was great and loved soaking up all the time with his son that he could. Sawyer breastfeeds like a champ and weighed 9lbs 2oz at his 2 week appointment!

Thank you again!!

-Robyn, Michael, & Sawyer Bates