"Postpartum is a mother's sabbath... a time to rest, be thankful, and revel in the glory of new life." -Natalie Short

The first few days and weeks with your new baby can be filled with wonder and amazement! Although newborns are a joy to care for, many parents begin to feel somewhat overwhelmed, tired, and concerned. Well Nested postpartum doulas provide evidence-based physical and emotional support for new parents in the comfort of their own home. Our postpartum service ensures that Mom and Dad can enjoy the wonderful baby-moon experience. We understand how important it is for Mom to rest, recover, and snuggle with her new little blessing. So, leave the everything else up to us!


Why Hire a Postpartum Doula? 

  • Possible shorter recovery time
  • Increased confidence in parenting skills
  • Increased parent/infant bonding
  • Increased knowledge of baby's need and behavior
  • Increased success of breastfeeding
  • Reduced risk of postpartum depression
  • Less exhaustion, stress, and frustration in the early weeks
  • Greater success of parent adaptation to new role/life with baby

What Does a Postpartum Doula Do?

  • Feeding support: whether you choose to breast or bottle feed we can help troubleshoot, includes milk storage and pumping information
  • Lactation and other community referrals
  • Newborn care and observation: diapering, bathing, burping, swaddling, holding, cues & reflexes
  • Baby wearing techniques
  • Carseat Safety
  • Soothing techniques
  • Sibling care and transition support
  • Light housekeeping: straightening up, laundry, dusting, dishes, vacuuming
  • Preparing snacks/meals
  • Errand running: groceries, recovery related items
  • Emotional support and encouragement
  • Nursery oragnization
  • Advice on baby gear
  • Baby care while parents nap, bathe, eat, take a break  

Package Options

Whether you are first time or seasoned parents everyone loves an extra set of hands those first few days and weeks of baby's life. Perhaps you are a single parent, maybe your partner does not get any time off work, you have no family near to help out, you have other children at home or just need some extra support, I will come along side you and your family to encourage a fearless and calm transition to your new life. Each package option includes 1 prenatal home visit, 1 postpartum planning consult after our time is over and unlimited email/text/phone support during our time together. While these packages are the easiest way to purchase time, I love putting together custom packages for my clients!

The Lark: 15 day hours, 3 hours per day for the first 5 days home $450

The Wren: 30 day hours, 3 hours per day for 10 days $900

The Robin: 60 day hour, 3 hours per day for 20 days $1800

Additional services:

  • 1 hour drop in $50 per visit

  • Text/email/phone support continued after package time $30 per month/$150 for 6 months/$300 for 12 months

  • Postpartum Planning session $50

  • Sleep consultation $50

  • Meal delivery -COMING SOON!!

  • Baby Basics private consult- COMING SOON!!


How do I reserve you as my postpartum doula?

I only take 1-2 postpartum families per month in order to meet their needs best, and spots fill up to 2-3 months in advance. Fill out the postpartum intake form below to contact me. To reserve your expected due date purchase the postpartum doula deposit below, once your package is confirmed the remainder of your balance will be invoiced to you directly. Payment plans are available and encouraged! If your baby has already arrived and you find you are in need of in-home postpartum services, please e-mail me at info@wellnested.org asap and I will work out a custom support plan.

Want to add postpartum services to your baby shower registry? Let us know and we can help with that!

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